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Written by a NHS patient
11th January 2022

Looks I've been having an opposite experience to a lot of people here. Referred in 2021 for ADHD, diagnosed in June and put on a waiting list for titration. I had a nervous 4 month wait but the staff and admin support were fantastic. Very caring, very helpful and very professional. Then I got transferred to titration and the experience has been horrible ever since. I lost all my options to contact admin / other services and everything is run through the titration provider. He doesn't listen at all and I don't feel confident in his decisions. I've been in titration for 3 months and don't see myself getting out any time soon. Whenever I ask to go back to a medicine that worked, he's dismissive and makes me feel like I'm an inconvenience. I'm now on a medication that isn't working at all with some concerning side effects and it seems like he doesn't care. I tried to get in contact with the admin but nothing has come from it. I'm feeling pretty hopeless about my ADHD now. So in summary, excellent right up until titration. I'm losing hope

12th January 2022
Response from Psychiatry-UK

We are really sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your titration. We need to get this sorted out for you. Could we please ask you to contact our Patient Empowerment Team at:, with details of your name, date of birth and postcode so that they can locate your record. The team aims to respond within four working days of receiving your email.

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